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Manage Reclassifications

A reclassification rule moves the entire balance of an account for one or more levels to another account for selected versions and selected periods of time. Use reclassification rules to move money between accounts to correct a mistake or to change an attribution. 

Use the Reclassification Rules pages to view the list of all reclassification rules and to create, edit or reorder reclassification rule.

Create a Reclassification Rule

To create or a new reclassification rule:

  1. Navigate to Modeling > Model Managment > Reclassification Rules.

  2. Click New Rule.

  3. Complete the fields in the Definition tab and select accounts and levels.
    You can click between the tabs without losing data.
    See Reclassification Field Descriptions at the end of this article for tab details.

  4. On the Scope tab, choose version  and rule period on which to apply the reclassification.

  5. Click Save Icon in toolbar to save and return to the list of reclassification rules.

Manage Reclassification Rules

You can view, edit, reorder, or delete reclassification rules. The order reclassifications rules are listed determines the order in which they are processed.

Navigation: Modeling > Model Managment > Reclassification Rules 

Use the icons in the Action column to:

  • Edit a rule: Click the rule name or click Pencil or Edit Icon . The Edit Reclassification Rule page appears.

  • Delete a rule: Click Red X or Delete Icon. A message appears asking you to confirm the delete.

  • Reorder position of the rule: Click the  Move Up-Down Arrows to move the selection up or down the list.

Invalid or incomplete rules are displayed in red text and indicate that they are not applied.

Restrictions for Reclassification Rules

The following restrictions apply to reclassification rules:

  • You can only reclassify to accounts of the same balance type, either credit or debit. You can use the filters on the page to view credit or debit-only accounts

  • You cannot reclassify to or from linked, system, or Cumulative Translation Adjustment (CTA) accounts.

  • Only leaf accounts (those without any child accounts) can be reclassified to or from.

  • Parts of a rule may not be editable if they apply to locked time periods or locked versions.

  • You can click between the Definition and Scope screens without losing your changes.

Reclassification Field Descriptions

Definition Tab

Field Description
Name Required. The name of the rule.
Description Optional. Useful when multiple administrators are handling reclassification rules. 
Accounts Select an account by browsing in the tree or search­ing. 
  1. Select the account and click Reclassify. A dialog appears.

  2. Select another account to reclassify the source account to. Click Reclassify.

Levels Select the levels where the reclassification will occur during roll-up.

Scope Tab

Field Description
Applies to Version

Search or browse to select the versions on which the rule applies. 

A version represents a particular planning scenario, such as Budget 2017 or a what-if plan for evaluating effects of an potential acquisition or down sizing.

Rule Period Choose specific months, or choose start and end of version. Revisit this setting periodically and update as needed
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