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Create Journal Entries Sub-Versions

In Consolidation, journal entries reside in a special type of sub-version that can only be updated through journal entries. This lets you restrict manual adjustments to only accept balanced entries while also presenting them in the familiar form of accounting-style journal entries.

When viewing a journal entry version on a sheet, you can't directly edit cells because it's disabled. Also, because journal entry versions use the same security mechanism as other versions, the rule that all updates to actuals must be made using balanced journal entries can be enforced.

Create Journal Entries Sub-Versions

To create a journal entry sub-version:

  1. Go to Modeling > Model Management > Versions.
  2. In the version list, click the parent Actuals version or the parent sub-version to which the new journal entry version will roll up.

  3. Click Create New Journal Entry Version NewJournalEntryVersion.png.

  4. Complete the Journal Entry Version Details.

  5. Click Save SaveVersion.png or DiscardChanges.png to cancel.

  6. Drag and drop the new version within the Actuals list only. They can also be nested within actuals sub-versions.

Journal Entry Numbering

You can set journal entries to be numbered automatically. Numbering is usually configured during the creation of journal entries sub-versions, but it can also be set up after the sub-version has been created.

Note: If you change an existing journal entries sub-version so that it uses numbering, only new entries created after the change are numbered. Existing journal entries are not given numbers.

To set up numbering for a journal entries sub-version:

  1. Go to Modeling > Versions.

  2. Click the journal entries sub-version in the version list.

  3. On the Version Details pane:

    • Click Automatic from the Journal Entry Numbering dropdown and enter a prefix and the starting number for the automatic numbering.

    • Or, click Manual from the Journal Entry Numbering dropdown and enter a prefix. 

  4. Click Save.

See Journal Entry Version Details for more information.

Note: Once you select and implement a method of numbering journal entries, the method cannot be changed. For example, if you set the journal entries in a particular version to be numbered automatically, you cannot later change the version to make journal entries numbered manually. This is done to preserve the integrity of the numbering format assigned to the version.

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