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Manage Consolidation Percentages

You can enter percentages for partially-owned subsidiaries. These per­centages govern how account balances at different levels consolidate (roll up) into their parent levels for a specified period.  Percentages can be static or change over time and can be different in each planning version.

Although it is possible to display the Manage Consolidation Percentages sheet with years or quarters as the unit of time instead of months, this is not rec­ommended. The quarter and year views are time rollups, which are not relevant to this process.

Use the Consolidation Percentages Sheet to manually set up the percentage of account responsibility for each subsidiary:

  • Left-most column:  Represents your organization structure

  • Top column headers: Represents the Initial Balance and time periods. The Initial Balance column is opening balance for balance sheet accounts, prior to the first period of the time range.

Alternatively, you can import already-discounted amounts which can be rolled-up at 100%.

To set up or edit consolidation percentages:

  1. Navigate to Modeling > Model Management > Consolidation Percentages. The Consolidation Percentages Sheet appears:

  2. Double-click the cell for the time period and the level representing the partially-owned subsidiary to edit.

    • If the cell is gray, the time period is locked cannot be edited.

    • Default cell value is 100%. The account will roll up at full value.

Child level cells do not roll up into Parent percentages. For example, you can allocate 10% to the Parent only and allocate 30% to each child in the parent level.

  1. Press Enter.

  2. Continue allocating percentages as needed.

  3. Click Save Icon to save your changes.

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