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Salary Detail Permission and Setting

The Salary Detail setting is one way to control access to sensitive or private data, such as salaries, social security numbers, or even employee. Use the setting to control access to accounts, modeled sheets and reports. Then, only users with the Access Salary Detail permission can view or edit the data.


Before You Begin

For the permission, you need... 

For the sheet and account setting, you need...

For the report setting, you need... 

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png See the instructions in each section. 

Protect an Account 

Scenario: Salary Account

You may need to view the total salary expense for certain departments, but not the private information of each employee's salary in a report or on another sheet, such P&L or Expenses. 

Use the Contains Salary Detail setting to protect the details of an account. 

Find the Account Setting

From the nav menu, select Modeling. Select the account type.

Select the account in the tree.

In the settings, select the radio button next to Contains Salary Detail and save

The Result

When you give an account this setting, several things happen: 

When the account is on any sheet, only users with the permission can

view and edit the splits in the sheet. 

see the contributing data from cell explorer

Anyone who can open the sheet with the account can see the total of the account. 

Protect a Modeled Sheet Setting Works

Scenario: a modeled sheet that contains private data about employees. 

Only human resources must view and edit these sheets, but the data driven by them must be available to many.... 

Find the Setting



How the Report Settings Works

How the Permission Works

Put It All Together




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