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Global User Groups

Explains how to create global user groups for emailing reports or assigning version permissions.

Create global user groups to grant version access, or email reports to a group of users. 

Before You Begin

Required permission: Admin Access > Manage Global User Groups.

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu, select Administration > Global User Groups.

Create Groups

  1. Select New Group.
  2. Enter a Name for the group.
  3. Select users and use the arrows to add them to the group. Choose from the available lists: 
  • Available Groups: A list of global user groups that already exist in Adaptive Planning. Your group gets automatically updated when the groups you added are updated. 
  • Available Users: A list of all users. Add individual users to the new group.
  • Available Levels: A list of levels. Add levels to add all the users assigned to the level. Your group gets automatically updated when levels you added are updated.
  1. Select OK.

Edit or Delete Groups

To Edit an existing group, select the pencil icon.  To Delete a group, select the X icon.


Grant Groups Access to Version 

To grant a group access to a version, go to the Access Control section of the Version details and select the group from the Group dropdown. Then select the type of access. 

For more information, see Create Versions and link to the Version Details page of the version type. 

Email Reports with Groups

To share reports with groups:

  1. Verify that you have an email address saved to your profile. 
  2. Go to Reports and run any report. 
  3. From the toolbar, click Email emailReport.png
  4. Select the plus icon to the right of the To field. 
  5. Under Available Groups, select groups and use the arrows to add them to the email. 
  6. Select OK
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