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Workflow is an optional feature of Adaptive Planning. When enabled, Workflow simplifies the process of approving and rejecting levels within a version.

If your company has the Workflow feature enabled, levels within individual versions have different statuses, visible on the Sheets Overview screen.

Workflow is version and level specific - be sure you have the correct version and correct level selected when taking workflow related actions.

Submitting a Level

  1. Go to Sheets > Overview
  2. Check that both the Level selector and the Version selector have the correct level and version selected.
  3. Optionally, you can add a note in the Note box. Notes are visible to anyone who can see the level, and can be a useful way to convey information to people further up the level hierarchy.
  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the screen.

When levels are submitted, the person in charge of the next level up in the hierarchy is notified and can either approve or reject the level. Either way, you will receive an email message notification. If the level is rejected, you can make more changes to it by editing sheets on that level and re-submit it as necessary.

Levels roll up the hierarchy as they are received and approved by managers at different levels in the organization.

Managing Workflow

The Workflow screen lets you manage the submission of levels which you control.


The Levels tree shows all levels you control and their current workflow state:

workflowInProgress.png The level is still In Progress

workflowSubmittedForReview.png The level has been Submitted For Review

workflowApproved.png The previously submitted level has been Approved

workflowRejected.png The previously submitted level has been Rejected.

workflowLocked.png The previously approved level has now been Approved and Locked

Workflow is the process by which levels and user-assigned sheets are submitted, reviewed, rejected (if necessary) and approved.  Levels and user-assigned sheets have this lifecycle:

In Progress > Rejected (optional) > Approved

Once the level or sheet is approved, it is locked to prevent further updates.

A parent level can only be submitted if all its sub-levels have been approved. If you have permission, you can approve the sub-levels as part of submitting a parent level.

Submitting a parent level marks all its sub-levels as approved and locked. They cannot be un-submitted without un-submitting their parent first.

Notes related to a level's workflow state can be attached to a level by entering text in the "Note" box and clicking the "Save Note Only" button. Notes are also saved when the workflow state is changed (for example, if the level is Submitted or Approved).

The "Reset" button, when available, sets the status of all sub-levels and user-assigned sheets to In Progress.


If you have access to any user-assigned sheets, you can control their workflow states on this page by selecting them in the "Sheets" tree and clicking a button to change their state. They have the same workflow states and lifecycle as levels.

As with levels, you can attach a note to a User-Assigned Sheet related to its workflow state by entering text in the Note box and clicking the Save Note Only button.

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