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Managing Global User Groups

Global User Groups are useful for assigning version permissions. They are also useful for emailing reports to different sets of users. 

Create a Global User Group

To create a new global user group:

  1. Navigate to: Administration > Global User Groups
  2. Click New Group.
  3. Enter a Name for the group.
  4. Use one or more of the following tabs to select users to include in the new group. Use Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click to select more than one item at a time. 
  • Available Groups: A list of global user groups that already exist in Adaptive Planning. 
  • Available Users: A list of all users in your instance.
  • Available Levels: This tab shows the organization structure for your model. Select a level to include all the users with access to that level.
  1. After you select groups, users, or levels, click the right arrows (>>) to include them in Selected Recipients
  2. When you've finished adding users to the group, click OK.

To Edit an existing group, click the pencil icon.  To Delete a group, click the X icon. 

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