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User Administration

Use the Users page to add new user accounts or manage existing user accounts. You can add, edit, and delete users as necessary, up to the number of seats purchased for your Adaptive Planning instance.

Administrators with User permission can modify any existing user accounts. 

Add a New User

To add a new user account:  

  1. Navigate to Administration > Users.
  2. Click New User.
  3. Provide user account information as desired: 
    • User Details
      • Name is required. Position is optional. Name is the display name of the user, not the login username. 
      • Username (in the form of an email address). This is the name users enter to log in.  The email address does not need to be valid, but it must be unique throughout your instance.
      • Email:  A valid email address to send and receive email from Adaptive Planning. You can use the username as the email address, or enter another email address in the text field.
      • Home Page: The page the user sees when they first login. 
      • Location information including Time zone, Country, and State (if applicable). 
      • Instance access: Multi-instance installations only. Select instances to grant the user access. 
      • Default InstanceMulti-instance installations only. The instance the user sees when they first log in.
      • Role: The role the user is assigned within the instance. All available roles are listed in this drop-down menu. If the role is Unassigned, the user has no permissions
        in this instance and cannot even log in.
      • Level access: This pane contains your organization structure. Select one or more levels to grant the user access. Selecting a parent also selects its children. To quickly find a specific level, type a full or partial level name into the search field. 
      • Password State: Enter and confirm a password for the user. Depending on the password rules set for your instance, users may be required to change this password when they first log. Refer to General Setup.
  4. Click Submit to save your changes.  
  5. Once the account is created, click the email icon  (next to the username) and send an email to the user with login information.  

Manage Users

To view user accounts, navigate to: Administration > Users. Actions you can perform on this page include:

  • To update account information for a user, click Edit. Make changes as desired, then click Submit.
  • To delete a user, click Edit. When the Edit User details appear, click Delete (bottom of the page).
  • Printable View: Exports the list of users to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Export User Permissions: Exports user permission details to an Excel spreadsheet. 
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