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Users, Roles, and Permissions

Introduces overview information about users, roles, and permissions.


When your company’s personnel and needs grow and change, you can add, edit, and delete users as necessary, up to the number of seats purchased for your Adaptive Planning instance. When you add a new user account, the profile includes a person’s contact information (such as their email address), their login, their role, and the various permissions assigned to them. Refer to User Administration.

Roles and Permissions

Roles are a quick way of assigning permissions. The Adaptive Planning has many permissions, and if you have more than one Adaptive Insights product in your model, there are even more. Creating a role lets you group a set of permissions together to be assigned to a set of users, allowing you to grant permissions to all users with that role at once. For example, if you add the Admin Publishing feature to your model, you can grant all of the administrative users permission to use it with just a few clicks instead of having to edit each profile individually. You can create as many roles as you need, with whatever names are most useful to you. Refer to Roles and Permissions.

Global User Groups

Global User Group are useful if you want to quickly email reports or assign versions permissions to a collection of users that share similar job functions or tasks. You can create as many global user groups as you need to fit your organization. Refer to Managing Global User Groups.

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