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Admin Publishing

Admin Publishing enables administrators to make multiple changes to an instance and publish them all at once, rather than publishing each change individually.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Structural changes are applied all at once, at the administrator’s convenience.
  • Administrators can make changes and see how they will affect the system without the changes actually going into effect.

For example, Admin Publishing is useful when adding a level or editing account attributes at the same time other users are working with the system. If this is your usage pattern, Admin Publishing can dramatically improve the system performance experienced by your users.

Admin Publishing is available for Adaptive Planning and Consolidation.

Best Practices:

  • Use Admin Publishing any time you want to make multiple administrative changes while users are in the system. This will avoid users having to wait while the system updates your model separately for each change. By saving the changes and publishing them all at once, you minimize the impact to users.
  • Publish changes at a time when fewer users are working with the system. This further reduces user impact by lowering the number of users who will have to wait while the system updates your model to reflect the latest changes.

Enable or Disable Admin Publishing

You can turn on Admin Publishing when you know you will be making a number of structural changes at once. You can turn Admin Publishing off after the changes are published. This stops from going through the publishing process for making a single change later on.

Turn on Admin Publishing:

  1. Log in to your Adaptive instance.
  2. Click Administration to access the Administration page.
  3. Click General Setup.
  4. Under Enable Features, check the box for Admin Publishing.
  5. Click Save.

Turn off Admin Publishing:

  1. Log in to your Adaptive instance.
  2. Click Administration to access the Administration page.
  3. Click General Setup.
  4. Under Enable Features, uncheck Admin Publishing.
  5. Click Save.


You must have the Publishing permission to create and manage unpublished changes. Administrative users without this permission will find affected features locked while there are unpublished changes. If a feature (for example, creating a new sheet) is impacted by unpublished changes, the feature will be disabled for all users until changes are published. Since only administrative pages are affected by Admin Publishing, only administrative users will find features they can access locked.

The areas affected include:

  • Dimension admin
  • Attribute admin (level and account)
  • Sheet admin
  • Structural import in account and level admin
  • Changing level assignment on edit user page or deleting a user
  • Some fields on General Setup
  • Currencies and exchange rates (these will still be usable, but changes will not be applied until they are published)

On these pages, users will see a yellow bar on pages with locked functionality:

Other administrative pages will not be affected, and changes made to those features will be applied immediately. Lower-level users performing tasks like running a report or updating data in sheets will not be affected.

Using Admin Publishing

When Admin Publishing is enabled, any structural changes you make will activate a yellow warning bar. The warning bar will appear across the top of all structure-dependant pages to remind you of unpublished changes:

You can switch between two viewing states:

  • View Current: You can view a read only version of your current instance.
  • Make Edits: You can view your changes and keep making changes.

The bar lets you to publish or delete your changes by clicking Manage changes and using the Manage Unpublished Changes page.

On the Manage Unpublished Changes page, you will see a list of all the changes you have made so far, along with their type and action. Put all your changes into effect by clicking Publish All, or discard your unpublished changes with Discard All.

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