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Missing Buttons, Boxes, and Windows in the Browser


Why are certain windows, buttons, dialog boxes, etc. not loading in my browser?

Example image:



There are a few areas to check if this is happening:

1. Are you on a supported browser?

2. Do you have any add-ins or extensions turned on in your browser?

  • In Firefox, you can check from the three-bars in the upper-right>Add-ons. To start Firefox with add-ons disabled, you can go to the three-bars in the upper-right>Question mark at the bottom>"Restart with Add-ons Disabled".
  • In Internet Explorer, you can check from the gear icon in the upper-right>Manage Add-ons and disable as needed.
  • In Edge, you can go to the menu in the upper-right>Extensions and disable them as needed.
    • We have seen cases of Adblock Plus blocking certain items in the application.
  • In Chrome, you can go to the menu in the upper-right>More Tools>Extensions

3. If you are on a more secure network, something could be blocking the connection(s) made with Adaptive. You could try testing on an outside network and/or checking with your IT to see if * and * should be white-listed.

4. Specific to Internet Explorer, you could be in Compatibility View.