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Maximum Security Possible: Internet Explorer


What Internet Explorer configurations will provide maximum security?


In Internet Explorer, the following configuration will provide the maximum security possible:

Go to Tools->Internet Options->Security tab and set the security level to Medium-high and then click Custom level... In the dialog, set the "Reset to:" field as Medium-High and click reset. Click Yes, OK, Apply, and then OK.


You must restart your browser for settings to take effect. After restarting the browser, go to You will need to set the following options so that Adaptive Planning works on IE. From Tools->InternetOptions->Security tab->click on Custom level...

Enable/change all of the options below to allow the Adaptive Planning sites without issues in IE when it is set to the highest security level:


Allow Meta Refresh:Enabled


Active Scripting : Enable
Scripting of Java applets:Enabled

ActiveX Controls and plug-ins

Automatic Prompting for ActiveX Controls: Enable
Download signed ActiveX Controls :Prompt(recommended)
Run ActiveX and plugins :Enable
Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: Enable

If you enable scripting options and Allow Meta Re set to Enabled, you will be able to view the main site and the login screen for Adaptive Planning.

To load sheets and other applets, you will also need to enable a few ActiveX controls and Plugin options to reflect the settings below:




After restarting your IE browser, if you visit a page that requires java, this prompt will appear: "This webpage wants to run the following add-on: wsdetect.dll from Oracle America Inc." Click on the arrow near button allow and select "Allow". This action will allow Java to run only on the Adaptive Planning site.


We do not recommend clicking on "Allow for all websites" for this action.

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