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Can Sheet Changes Be Restricted To Specific Budget Versions?


Can I make changes to a sheet, then limit which versions these changes apply to?


Structural changes apply to all versions, while other modifications are Version-specific. Please see the below list for examples of what changes apply to all versions and what changes are version-specific.

Structural Changes (apply to all versions)

  • Adding, deleting, renaming, and moving plans in the plan tree
  • Adding, deleting, renaming, and moving accounts in the account trees
  • Adding and deleting sheets
  • Changing formula logic in Cube calculated accounts, modeled accounts, and Metric accounts
  • Changing which accounts are displayed on Standard sheets
  • Changing which plans have access to a sheet
  • Customization for Subplans on a Standard sheet
  • Cube restrictions

Version-Specific Changes

  • Updating lookup table values and assumptions
  • Formulas on the Formulas tab
  • Data imports
  • Data entry on sheets
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