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Creating Your Personal Dashboard

Dashboards display real-time information about how your business is performing. You have access to shared dashboards based on which dashboards the administrator has published and you can create your own personal dashboard based on matrix reports that have been saved as a graphical report. 

To create your personal dashboard:

  1. Navigate to: Dashboards > Personal.

  2. Click Setup Dashboard. A setup page appears. Use this page to configure your dashboard layout and add reports to the dashboard.

  3. Specify the Layout for your dashboard (rows x columns.

  4. Navigate through the Personal Reports and Shared Reports folders and locate a report to add to your dashboard. You can also search for reports.

  5. Drag the report to the layout area. 

  1. Enter a Header for the report and specify a header color  

  2. When you've finished adding reports to the layout, Save  your changes.

To manage your personal dashboard:

Once you have created a personal dashboard, use the dashboard toolbar to: 

  • Edit the dashboard.
  • Refresh the dashboard to include the latest data.
  • Make your personal dashboard the Preferred dashboard (the first dashboard that appears when you navigate to Dashboard). 
  • Delete the dashboard.
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