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Navigating in Adaptive Planning

When you first login to Adaptive Planning, the Welcome page appears. Use this page to learn more about Adaptive Planning

Change Your Home Page

You can change the home page that appears when you login. Click Set home page... , then choose a page from the menu.


The Top Toolbar

Every screen in Adaptive Planning has the same toolbar across the very top of the screen.

  • Navigation icon: Opens the navigation menu. 
  • Breadcrumbs: Shows what section of the application you are in (for example, Sheets > Balance Sheet).
  • Adaptive Insights logo: Click to return to your home page. 
  • User menu: Click the silhouette to see if other users are currently logged in. Click the menu icon next to the silhouette to show the user menu.  From the user menu, you can change your profile Settings or Log out
  • Online help: Click the question mark icon to open online help. 

The Navigation Menu 

Use the  menu to navigate to different parts of the application.

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