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Navigating in the Adaptive Suite


Every page in the Adaptive Suite has the same toolbar across the very top.

1  Click to open the navigation menu, where you can browse to different areas of the Adaptive Suite.   

2 Use the breadcrumbs to see where you are and link to where you've been.  For example, if you're currently on the P&L sheet, click the Sheets breadcrumb to link back to the overview where you can open a different sheet.

3 Click the Adaptive Insights logo to return to your home page. 

4 Your Adaptive admin can upload your company's logo to appear here.

5 Select the version. Your default version is set by your Adaptive Suite administrator.

6 Click the arrow to change your profile settings or to log out. 

7 Click the question mark any time to open contextual help pages. 

Navigation Menu

Click NavigationMenuIcon.png to open the navigation menu to browse different areas of the Adaptive Suite. Click a menu item to go to its overview page, or click the arrow to the right of the menu item to view more links for that area.




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